So the old exercise mat is all worn out. In fact, you are already choosing a new one; but what to do with the old mat? You don't have to throw it out. Get inspired by today's article and find some ways to repurpose it.

Who could the mat still make happy?

When an old mat stops serving you well, think hard – is there anyone you know who might want to use it? In this article, we bring you tips on how to make someone happy with an old mat or how to give it a second chance:

1. Extra knee support

Did you already manage to buy a new mat but the new one's pretty thin? If you're experiencing knee pain during exercise, use the old mat to create a protective layer that you place the new mat on. You will have an efficient and compact exercise aid for free.

2. A bed for shelter animals

Is there an animal shelter nearby? Call them up and ask them whether they'd like your old mat. They'll be happy about a new bed.

3. A donation to an organisation supporting the socially disadvantaged

If your old mat is still in good condition, donate it to one of the social organisations or charities. It will definitely help somebody like single mothers, for example.

4. A gift to a yoga newbee

Another way of repurposing a mat that's still in good condition is gifting it to a novice yogi. Are any of your friends or family getting into active exercise? Your mat will surely make them happy and give them a motivation they need for those rocky starts.

5. Camping

How about using a mat for an evening by the campfire? It will seat at least two people and help them not catch a cold. But be careful - you better keep it away from fire!

6. Car window shield

A dashboard and a steering wheel that are too hot to the touch. Nobody's a fan of that. But what about using your old mat as a blocker of unwanted heat inside the car? Amazing!

7. Mouse pad

You might not use the entire mat, but it's certainly better than throwing it all away. Try asking friends or family whether they would appreciate a free mouse pad.

8. Supporting artists

Artists often find themselves in even more difficult and entangled positions than yogis themselves. If you don't have a favorite artist you'd like to offer a mat to, try searching the internet. Maybe they give you a stylish painting in return.

9. Using it in a child's room

A cleaned old mat will serve kids perfectly. Add a few toys or children's books and you have created a great play area for children.

10. Baby proofing

Measure the corners, cut the mat to desired pieces, use some glue and that's it! No more worries about injuries in the kitchen.

11. Dog crate pillow

Providing pets with greater comfort when you're transporting them? That's a definite yes from us!

12. Picnics

The blanket may sometimes be uncomfortable, especially on uneven terrain. The mat guarantees a more comfortable place to sit in the park, on a meadow… anywhere you want.

13. Vision board

Are you a passionate organizer, do you love all kinds of planning and do you leave a trail od post-its anywhere you go? A washed and dried mat will serve you great as a notice-board - whether you make it for yourself, a roommate or a partner.

14. Put it underneath some flower pots

Who among us has never experienced a wet windowsill, a wet wall, everything. If you're also prone to water the plants a little bit too much for their liking, simply cut out squares that match the flower pots.

If you truly cannot repurpose it, recycle

Please, recycle the really worn out mats that you can't find another use for. As PVC mats cannot be recycled, recycling can sometimes be quite a hassle. So when you're choosing a new mat, try to choose from more environmentally friendly materials. At Korkie, we offer natural and recyclable rubber and cork mats.

We believe that these tips will help you decide what to do with your old mat. Did we forget to mention something? Use the contact information under this article and share your idea with others!

January 23, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.