The perfect place ... one where we feel happy, comfortable, ourselves. A place to which we can return after a busy day, where we can relax, unwind, calm the scattered mind. We bring you inspiration on how to create such a place in the comfort of your home and also anywhere else in the world. 


Create a pleasant atmosphere 

When it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere, great music is guaranteed to always work. But musical preferences are different and unique. So what else does work? A relaxing interior atmosphere in can be created with the help of candles, fragrance lamps, plants or incenses. 


Try to find a suitable place, spread out your favorite mat and bring pillows for even more comfort. Try to get in touch with your feelings and think about whether the space still isn't missing some of your favorite personal items.  


If you are among the lucky people who have a sunny apartment, invite rays of sunshine and some fresh air into your home. Do you have a house with a garden? Even better! Find a good place among the trees in the garden, spread out a blanket and enjoy warm days whilst surrounded by nature.

Carry happiness within yourself as well

Did your friend give you a tip for a great yoga studio? Or you just feel that you need to go out somewhere? Creating a happy place you doesn't only have to mean your home environment. You can carry it everywhere with you — in your mind. 


Take a walk in the woods, sit by the pond or just take a walk in the nearby park. Try to channel the memorythat always brightens your day. Meeting friends, hugging loved ones, unforgettable vacation. Whatever comes to mind.


Is your head full of worries or you simply can't remember anything? That's okay, too, try to focus on a single small thing. A beautiful painting, the smile of a passerby, blooming flowers... anything that helps you experience the present.



Don't feel bad if channeling your own emotions or creating a positive mindset doesn't work for you right away. Everything needs time, training and nothing is immediate. Be kind to yourself and try to take small steps every day.

April 01, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.