Daily exercises, stretching, unwinding on a dirty surface. The pad sometimes gets really busy. All Cork mats you can wash and clean in the shower without the need for additional product. But sometimes it just doesn't work out and the pad stays dirty. But who would want to train in a dirty environment? In cooperation with Přírodno.cz we have prepared instructions on how to make a yoga mat cleaner. Simply, ecologically and in the comfort of home. 💛

Required products

For the content of the cleaner, any spray bottle will suffice, to which you will gradually add all the ingredients. Clean the pad with a piece of old washed cloth or an eco-friendly washcloth and spray. Gradually spray the spray on the entire surface and carefully wipe each part.

Before the actual production you need:

Citrus cleaning spray
If you like citrus scents, try the spray variant in combination with tea tree oil and grapefruit. This fresh spray will help you clean and at the same time you will pleasantly refresh your mind.

300ml distilled water
3 drops essential oil tea tree
20 drops grapefruit essential oil

Energizing cleaning spray
The combination of mint and tea tree scent will encourage you to practice. These two distinctive scents together smell the whole room, as well as the mat.

300ml distilled water
10 drops of mint essential oil
10 drops essential oil tea tree

Soothing cleansing spray
Lavender has a calming effect, in addition it is antibacterial, so it is ideal for cleaning the mat. If you like simplicity and do not like to mix more scents together, we recommend this combination. You can change the ratio of water and essential oil according to your own preferences.

300ml distilled water
15 drops lavender essential oil

If you do not have a bottle at home that would be useful for your preparation, we have a tip for you. You can use cosmetics sprays that you have already used. For example, we used a bottle of rose water.


Tips at the end

Would you choose other scents? No problem! You can use any for the spray favorite essence. However, it is always necessary to include tea tree or lavender essential oils in the combination, these oils have an antibacterial effect. You can mix any scent - there are no limits to creativity. Mix the scent mainly so that it is pleasant for you. Instead of distilled water, you can use flower water, such as lavender or rose water. In this case, however, it is necessary to take into account the less pronounced odor and therefore adjust the ratio of essential oils. However, watch out for the essential oils that stain, the resulting spray should be clear.

If you do not know how to deal with something, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy for feedback in the comments or on the instagram, you can use the hashtag #tvorimskorkie. We look forward to your creations!

March 23, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.