Who is behind the Korkie brand? We bring you an interview with the founder of our brand – Terka. In the article, you will learn what led her to create a company, her relationship with yoga and she will reveal her plans for the future.

What inspired you to start your own brand?

I have been dreaming about my own e-shop ever since I was a college freshman. At that time, I wanted to sell yoga wheels that were a modern prop in the rest of the world but had not yet reached the Czech republic. However, I finally decided to start my business aftercollege graduation.

For me, yoga itself was a major inspiration for the creation of the Korkie brand. When I looked back at what it's given me in life, I had the urge to motivate others to try the exercise as well. And what can motivate you better than a beautiful yoga mat?



So why designer pads?

I was inspired to create the first Ocean sun design in Portugal where I spent half a year as a part of the Erasmus program. I missed the sun and the sea, so I channeled these elements into the mat. I created my small personal paradise at home that always takes me back to this beautiful country.


What makes Korkie mats different from other brands?

First of all, we have unique designs inspired by nature. If you have nature in your heart, you can also have it underneath your feet thanks to Korkie mats. The yoga mat can become your personal paradise, a place of peace that you always look forward to and where you connect with yourself. Furthermore, buying a mat will help plant one tree.

Why is product sustainability important to you?

In 2018, I traveled to Vietnam as a volunteer. We explained the importance of recycling to local children and took them to the beach to collect plastic trash. For me personally, it was a major turning point in life when I realized how big a problem plastic really is. It is not as visible here in Europe because we have a functioning waste system, but I wasn't even able to find a mixed waste bin in Vietnam. Plastic was literally everywhere, both on the streets and on the beaches. After this experience, I was sure that my brand would not be part of this global problem. That is why we send all our products in eco-friendly packaging free of plastic.

What does yoga mean to you?

For me, yoga is a path to self-discovery. In the beginning, I mainly exercised because yoga helped me overcome difficult situations in my life. Over time, I also became interested in meditation and pranayama in addition to practicing and I began to read yoga texts. Now I see yoga as a path to inner satisfaction.

How long have you been doing yoga?

I started training at the age of 18. I fell in love with it right after the first clasd I took in Berlin. I was in a Jivamukti yoga class back then and I was sweating a lot. However, I will never forget the feeling of happiness and pure euphoria I experienced after returning from the lesson. I fell in love with this feeling.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love being in contact with customers, it makes me feel like a part of the yoga community. I have to say that our customers are very nice, which is absolutely amazing. In addition, I combined my two greatest passions - creativity and entrepreneurship.

How would you describe your character, your personality?

So this is a very difficult question because I am the type of person who is constantly evolving. I try to work on myself all the time and my opinions change with experience. I appreciate when people are true to themselves, when they tell the truth and they are authentic. However, if I had to highlight a few qualities that people say about me, I would say that I am creative, independent, open to new things and curious.



What is your lifestyle like?

My life is a journey that is sometimes joyful and sometimes challenging. I'm looking forward to nice things and harder situations always teach me something. I work a lot at the moment, so I'm trying to balance my personal and professional life. I have already learned not to work on the weekends and I usually take time off i the evenings for my hobbies. I spend my free time with my loved ones, I ride a longboard, I do bodybuilding exercises or practice yoga.

Korkie is nature-oriented, do you follow this direction in your personal life?

I respect nature - I feel that I am connected with it to the core. I love to travel and discover beautiful places, I like evening walks at the beach and sunsets. As for everyday life, I try to recycle, like most people, I take canvas bags to the grocery store and then I always get upset about the cucumbers wrapped in plastic. I try to gradually switch to natural cosmetics and (mostly) unprocessed foods and I limit meats. I don't like extremes, but I try to gradually move my life to make my existence as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you have a system, a tip how to combine the management of a company with the "normal" life of a mortal?

When you decide to start a company, it is good to accept the fact that you will still be working constantly from morning to evening and throughout weekends for at least for the entire first year. In the beginning, you don't have the money to pay the people around you so you have to do everything yourself and become a jack of all trades. The advantage is that if you hire someone later, you know exactly what their job is and you can give them advice or relate to their situations.

When it comes to combining business management with everyday life, everyday life only comes into the picture after about a year when I finally have skilled people around me to help. However, I still work on organizing my time. It definitely helped me to plan my time and prioritize my activities. I also had to come to terms with the feeling that I could never make it and that there was always something that needed to be done. About six months ago, I started thinking more about my health because I started to experience heart palpitations from overworking. I started to include walks into every working day. When I'm overworked, I take the day off and take a walk, surrounded by nature. .

What are your plans for Korkie in the future?

You can look forward to a lot of news things. However, everything is still in the planning phase and we are trying not to market a product that we cannot vouch for a 100%. That's why we always introduce products when we are sure that they meet all our values.

Thanks for the interview <3


Lucie from Korkie

March 31, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.