Until the summer of last year, we were in our first warehouse, which was a room measuring about 9x9 meters. As we grew, we couldn't even enter the room anymore. That's why I decided to find new, bigger space.

From the beginning, I did everything on my own. I went to the warehouse every day to pack orders, I managed social media, created a website, handled customer support, all from home. The warehouse was a small room where I couldn't have an office, but now that I was looking for a new place, I already imagined that my colleagues and me could have a space to meet up and spend time together on a regular basis.

I found a large warehouse that was divided by a partition and that had direct access to the elevator, so we no longer had to carry the packages by hand. You see, when we were only getting started, the shipping situation was a bit complicated. When you're only starting out and you don't have a huge number of orders, the shipping companies don't offer pickups. And so it was my daily duty to carry all packages from the first floor to my car and drive to Zásilkovna and GLS outposts and hand over everything myself. Now that we have grown, shipping companies come to us every day to do a pickup. It's amazing how everything changes and at least I can truly appreciate everything. I know it's not a sure thing for a pickup to arrive and I know it's not a sure thing to have the option to bring the packages via comfort of an elevator.

But to get back on track inlast September I found the warehouse where I decided to move.

What followed were two months of constant work as we built shelves and moved goods as we had to send them to customers. It was all so chaotic.

As soon as we moved the warehouse, the pre-Christmas rush came, which was honestly absolutely crazy; we packed non-stop, mostly on the weekends. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to renovate the office before Christmas, so I had to wait until the new year, which is when I found a bricklayer who built a partition, installed the doors and poured the floor. Now all that remains is to fill the room in according to our vision, I would love for us to feel great over there.

Love one another

April 01, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.