When choosing an exercise mat, you often come across cheap plastic variants. However, their impact on the environment is enormous. That's why we tried to find a material that does not leave an ecological footprint. We decided to go for cork because it is high quality, 100% natural and free of added chemicals and adhesives. The cork mats are gentle on both us and the planet.

Where does cork come from?

Did you know that you don't need to cut down a single tree to harvest cork, ? Cork is the bark that gets peeled off cork oaks every 9 years. It is a natural process and it doesn't damage the tree in any way. Some of the cork trees have been on this planet for up to 200 years. In addition, oaks support forest biodiversity by providing a home to some endangered species of plants and animals.

No waste

The cork mat is 100% biodegradable. Once the cork product reaches the end of its life, it decomposes without creating unnecessary waste. In addition, cork mats are high-quality and will last you longer than ordinary mats that start to twist, crumble and tear after just a short time.

How did the Korkie brand name come about?

Have you ever wondered why our name is Korkie? The name is based on the Czech word for cork: korek. We really fell in love with this material. We simply love it; not only because it's so eco-friendly but also because of its properties. It is a natural, antibacterial, soft material that is also non-slip.

You can take a look at our selection of cork mats in various designs here.

February 23, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.