It was a normal working morning when Instagram , Janina's label jumped out of Cukrfree . Dostala podložku Crystal od sestry a hned she fell in love with her. We enthusiastically rejoiced with the whole team. We really like Janina and we won't miss any of her podcast .

Soon we introduced a new pad collection with different countries for all nomads around which there was a lot of work and our full attention. Even so, we kept thinking that we would like to create something in common with Janina. It didn't take long for the idea of ​​a joint project to come.

How about creating a common pad with a motif of a place that Janina likes? We asked her if she would be interested and she agreed. In the end, we decided on the theme of the island of Maui from Hawaii.



Months of tuning ideas and refining the design to perfection followed. The task was to create a design that would be inspired by traditional Hawaiian postcards. The design was to include a rainbow, which you can see several times on the island of Maui per day. We wanted it to be perfect, to get everyone to the beautiful environment of Hawaii immediately. No one on our team was there and we only knew her from the conversations and photos. But the more we found out about her, the more we fell in love. In addition to beautiful nature, however, we also fell in love with Hun's philosophy, which makes people in Hawaii happy.


Hawaiian Hun Philosophy

Have you ever seen a photo of a Hawaiian frowning? Breathtaking nature, ocean, beautiful beaches, sunshine… who would not be satisfied? But there is much more to the smiles of the Hawaiian people.

The mentality of their culture is based on Hun's philosophy, which has a lot in common with yoga. Specifically, it builds on 7 principles from which we in the Western world can be inspired in many ways:


1. IKE - The world is what you believe it is.

Let's try to train our mind to move in a positive direction and help us create a nicer world around us. Our thoughts are tremendous, and only we can choose to change them in our lives.


2. KALA - There are no limits, everything is possible.

Non-existent limits do not mean that we will suddenly become superheroes. The Kala principle tries to draw attention to the limits in our head. The ones we often give ourselves unnecessarily - I'll never be good at…, I'll never happen… The power of real superheroes lies in their self-confidence.


3. MAKIA - Our energy is where our attention is.

You don't have to load research and study cultures to know that negative thinking won't take you too far. The more we pay attention to positive things, events, situations and people, the more we move in the right direction.


4. MANAWA - We live in the present.

A very repetitive sentence in yoga, which we all sometimes forget. For example, you can tune in to the present moment by meditating, practicing on beautiful mat or by training mindfulness practices.


5. ALOHA - Happiness comes from love / compassion.

You may have heard of the word "Aloha". What does Hawaiian principles mean? Aloha brings us closer to our hearts and the hearts of others. It is based on compassion, love, and claims that love is all around us - for better or worse. It's just sometimes unrecognizable.


6. MANA - The greatest force lies within us.

Mana tells us that our souls can inspire others, that our beliefs can help others in need. And last but not least - even though we can sometimes feel helpless, we all have enough strength that no one can take from us.


7. PONO - Truth is virtue.

The last principle encourages living on the basis of the highest moral values. Every day we can do a nice deed for someone else without claiming a reward. The kind deed always comes back to us at least in a nice feeling inside.


We believe that each of these principles can apply at least a small part of our lives or be inspired by something. You can recall Hawaiian culture and its deep principles at pad Maui .

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April 19, 2022 — KORKIE, s. r. o.