the journey to a happier self

Sometimes, everything's a bit too much and we wonder what changes we should make to be happier. At first, we want to feel good in our own body. We want to run a mile more or do a headstand to see the world from a different perspective. And suddenly we are surrounded by people at a yoga lesson that we found online. We are there to exercise and to feel better, nothing more. We are experiencing a certain feeling that's hard to grasp at first. The soft surface of the mat, the sweat on our skin and the deep feeling of satisfaction and kindness inside.

Korkie was born with kindness in its heart

Kindness is an important part of the yoga philosophy and it was the core of creating the brand. It has allowed us to find the right business project for our identity, to work with our limits and to think about what we can do to change the world. With this in mind, it was only natural to create props for yoga and other sports activities. But we wanted to create something more than a mere product: A place where you find the time to be kind to one another. In a short time, we found out that yoga lovers weren't the only people satisfied with our product. Our designer mats have won the hearts of many others. Beautiful designs can be your reason to step onto the mat; even on hard days when you are stressed and you have lost your way.

A place where you find the time to be kind to one another.

Kindness in everyday life

We believe that a simple act of kindness can change the world . A smile can make your day better. Hugging a friend after a long time can improve your mood. A pleasant conversation by the coffee machine can reduce stress during work day. We create a brand and a community around us with this in mind. Our community is a part of our vision. Everyday life and social media are a place for kindness and goodness. We can change the world and make it a kinder place where we can all live peacefully. When we smile at another person, there's a chance they'll smile back at us.

with love for nature

While we support a change towards a kinder world, we also work hard to change the industry by choosing to work with as many ethical and environmental manufacturers as possible for our production. Our main goal is to produce all of our products ethically and with respect for nature.

Tereza and team Korkie

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