The materials we use.


In our production, we use natural and recycled materials with long-term sustainability for the planet.


Cork is the bark of a tree that peels off cork oaks every 9 years. It is a natural process and the tree doesn't get damaged in any way. Some of these trees have been with us on this planet for up to 200 years. We use a cork layer for our cork mats. It makes the mats natural and pleasant to the touch.


Natural rubber is obtained from the tropical Brazilian rubber tree. The tree secretes a milky liquid which is coagulated, dried and further modified. In the end, an elastic rubber material that we call natural rubber is created. We use it for the bottom layer of all our mats. Thanks to the natural rubber, the mat is elastic, soft and does not slip around on the floor.

other materials

In addition to the materials we've already mentioned above, we also use recycled microfiber, cotton, glass and other natural or recycled materials.