Cork yoga blocks (2pcs)

690,00 Kč

Aid for beginners and advanced yogis. The cork yoga block is made of an ecological material that dates back to traditional yoga practise. The block will help you safely achieve poses that you would not otherwise be able to achieve.


100% cork


Cork is the bark that peels off cork oaks every 9 years. It is a natural process and the tree does not get damaged in any way. Some of these trees have been with us on the planet for up to 200 years. In addition, oaks support forest biodiversity by providing a home to some endangered species of plants and animals.



FCS, known as the Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable forest management. All our cork products have this certification. This way you can be sure that the cork used has been obtained in accordance with ecological, social and economic criteria. By purchasing products with this certification, you take your stance against illegal logging and contribute to the ecological management of natural resources.

Eden Reforestration Projects

This organization focuses on planting trees in developing countries, helping not only nature but also people. The project mainly employs people who have poor living conditions and working in this organization gives them a chance of a better life. Per each purchase, we send a donation to contribute to planting a tree and we are very pleased that together, we can help out in this way.


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Beautiful and stable

Beautiful and stable, nicely wrapped. Thank you very much, the package made me very happy. I can recommend everything :)

Thank you for the review and recommendations, Martina :)