ROYAL BIRD natural rubber yoga mat

1.450,00 Kč

Grandeur. Elegance. Uniqueness.
This Royal bird design embodies all of that.

The mat is made of natural rubber and its surface is covered with a thin layer of anti-slip microfiber that absorbs moisture perfectly. This yoga mat is long-lasting and environmentally friendly. It also comes with a free carrying strap.

Description of variants, size, thickness, weight

If you love to travel and want to take your yoga with you, this pad is for you! It is made of natural rubber, which is covered with a thin layer of recycled microfiber. You can fold it like a towel and simply put it in a backpack.

Size: 183 x 61 cm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg

Professional mat and suitable for yoga and fitness exercises. It is made of natural rubber, which is covered with a thin layer of recycled microfiber. Thanks to this combination, the pad is non-slip, soft and pleasant to the touch. A professional pad is a universal choice for everyone. It is suitable for both homework and study.

Size: 183 x 61 cm
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: 2.2 kg

Extra comfortable
The extra comfortable pad will give you the best comfort when exercising at home. It is made of natural rubber, which is covered with a thin layer of recycled microfiber. Thanks to this combination, the pad is non-slip, soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also ideal for people who have problems with sore joints.

Size: 185 x 68 cm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 3 kg

Note: We only have the variations shown for the product. If the variant is crossed out, it is not currently in stock, but we plan to stock it. If the variant is completely missing, we do not currently plan to stock it.


100% natural rubber
recycled microfiber

Dimensions and weight:
Dimensions: 183x61 cm
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: 2.2 kg

Product care

Daily care
For routine maintenance, simply spray the mat with clean water or a natural detergent (water + essential oil) and wash it with an ecological washcloth or some old cloth.

A thorough gentle wash
You can use the shower for a more thorough gentle wash. Soak the mat and wash it with natural soap using a washcloth. Wipe off the excess water using a dry towel and let the mat dry on a coathanger.

A thorough clean
You can wash the mat in the washing machine once in a while. Wash the mat on its own on a gentle cycle. Take the mat out of the washing machine immediately after washing and let it air dry on the coathanger (do not use the dryer).


Natural rubber is sourced from the tropical Brazilian rubber tree which is then coagulated and further modified to produce natural rubber.

Recycled plastic microfiber is collected from beaches in Asia, which is where the problem with plastics is currently the most visible.


Global recycled standard
You will find Global Recycled Standard certification with all of our recycled products. In addition to controlling the processing of materials throughout the entire production process, the certification also focuses on responsible and friendly social, environmental and chemical procedures in the production of products. Thanks to this label, you can be assured that we are striving to contribute to respect for people and also to create a pattern of behavior that is more gentle to our planet.

Eden Reforestration Projects
This organization focuses on planting trees in developing countries, helping not only nature but also people. The project mainly employs people who have poor living conditions and working in this organization gives them a chance of a better life. Per each purchase, we send a donation to contribute to planting a tree and we are very pleased that together, we can help out in this way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda P
I fell in love with it right away 💖

Really amazing mat. I fell in love with the pattern right after unpacking. The mat isn't slippery and exercising on it is easy-peasy. I definitely recommend it! 💖

Linda, thank you! Such feedback will always make us very happy :)

A magnificent beauty

Extremely beautiful 🙂 Thanks to the discount, I finally decided to buy this beautiful mat in the thicker version. I specifically wanted to avoid the "eco PVC" variants because I am not all that convinced that it's any better. Fuzzy pads are much more expensive and heavier, but in my opinion, the upsides outweigh the downsides. 🙂 I really adore it, every time I touch the mat it almost caresses me and even the aesthetic has its value. You will certainly deserve and appreciate it, even if there are other things in life than just yoga 🙂

Hana, thank you for the detailed review. :) It will definitely help other customers in their decision-making. May our mat make you happy!

Beautiful packaging and an amazing mat.

I am very happy with the mat, I wanted a mat made of natural material and this one is really amazing. Pleasant to the touch, beautiful pattern, a carrying strap and I really want to give praise to the beautiful packaging, I was really pleased. I can only recommend it! Thank you!

Hank, we thank you

The prettiest pattern I've ever seen

Absolutely amazing yoga mat, the thickness is ideal for dynamic yoga and even for calmer poses thanks to the "fuzziness". Cleaning dog hair off the mat is also really easy. It works amazing for headstands and other vertical positions :) if you're slippping on the mat, which is not usually the case with suede, just moisten it a little bit.

As for the pattern... it's love at first sight, the prettiest pattern I've ever seen. The mat made me really happy and my other mats (although they are also great. I recommend cork if you are not sure about suede) are on the sidelines from now on.

If you do dynamic yoga styles, I recommend using cork blocks 🙂

In my opinion, this is the best mat on the market and I'm looking forward to more products from Korkie🙂 <3 <3 <3


Nikol, thank you very much for the detailed feedback. It will definitely benefit other customers :)

High-quality mat

I've been choosing a yoga mat for a long time and finally I chose this one. It's just great! I generally love all the Corkie designs. Thank you to the people who worked on these products; they are high quality and very beautiful. It's such a pleasure to start exercising each time I unroll my mat.

It's a little heavy to carry around (it's not the thinnest), but I still carry it with me to the yoga studio, so it's fine. The cover is very comfortable; soft and velvety. And the thickness and strength of the mat makes the "contact" with the hard floor surface painless.

I ordered another bag for the mat (it's got a good discount right now) and I really love it.

Thanks for the feedback :)